Jogja International MUN (Model United Nation)

Jogja International MUN – Informasi Event 2012

  • Nama Event : Jogja International MUN
  • Waktu : 30 Januari – 4 Maret 2012
  • Lokasi : Jogjakarta
  • Tentang Jogja International MUN :
    The very first time held of Jogja International Model United Nation. With four committees and international chair.

    in a very exciting culture and place, held in Yogyakarta

    Registration, from 30 January – 4 March 2012

    Log on to :

    still got more questions? kindly ask us on twitter : @joinmun

  • Biaya : Check our website –
  • Penyelenggara : KOMUN UGM

For more information, visit Us at Twitter @joinmun or Facebook


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